Parking & Transportation


We have limited parking spaces on-site at Sequoia (though there is designated space for pick-up and drop-off). These are reserved for those who have accessibility concerns or need immediate access to their cars, as well as carpoolers. Please let us know if you absolutely need to park on-site (

We’ve organized an auxiliary parking lot nearby (10 minutes’ drive away) and will provide shuttles/rides from there to Sequoia.

  • Shuttles will run from between the parking lot and Sequoia at the following times:
    • 9-9.30, 11:30a-1:30p and 5-7p

Organized mass transit

We strongly encourage ride-sharing (see note about limited parking on-site). If there is enough interest, we may arrange a shuttle bus from Mountain View to Sequoia.

Group carpool signups. Please help us maximize carpooling between the Bay Area and Sequoia! We are using the Groupcarpool website to organize carpools.

  • Here are the 2 trips organized for the event:
  • Drivers: We ask all drivers with a seat to spare to add themselves to the relevant trip they are making.
  • Would-be passengers: If you need a ride, you’ll probably be motivated to add yourself to the relevant trip!
  • For both, you can specify your ideal times/locations.