We have been asked (perhaps even nagged) by many well-wishers:

  • Where is your registry?
  • What do you want?
  • What do you need?

But truly: The best gift you can give us is the gift you‘ve already given us: yourself! 

To be more precise: your time, your friendship, your support—and, especially in this wedding season, your attention and patience! Especially if you are coming to the wedding, we know that you are already giving us the best gift of all: your being there… being around… being non-absent… hmm, there must be a better way to say this.

  • The gift of your present—along with your past and future time. This is the most precious of gifts, and it‘s all we could ask for and more.
  • You can just be present, in the moment, and focus on the weekend's proceedings.
  • You can present yourself to our wider community—share yourself, your story, your ideas!

Too vague? Are we dodging the question? Well, here is our official answer:

A nod to convention: If you really REALLY want to give us something and can‘t find a participatory outlet for your generous instincts, we will happily practice the art of graceful receiving of gifts. If you need help guiding the expression of those instincts, you may wish to float your idea to our official Gift Consultant Jill at