Garb (or: What should I wear?)

We‘ll be enforcing a strict policy of wear whatever you like within reason. But we realize that some of you need more guidance figuring out what you like or what falls within reason.

Above all

Wear comfortable shoes. We will be in a redwood forest. Many of the paths at Sequoia are paved, but some of the shortest (and nicest!) paths are unpaved walking trails. On-site events will take place in several main areas that are about a 5-minute walk apart, and there will be an (optional) 15 minutes of stately processing to the ceremony site (see below). 

Dress in layers (or bring extra layers). While we‘re hoping early June in northern California will bring lovely weather, mornings and evenings can get chilly year-round, especially up in the mountains.

Procession & Ceremony

Anticipated attire level: creative/festive, and (for those who wish): thematically inspired. Let your imaginations run wild!

The (optional) procession will take us along trails from the Sequoia to the Stones & Flowers property for the ceremony. The walk is about 15 minutes at a suitably stately pace. Those who wish to avail themselves of less ambulatory means of getting to the ceremony will have a mobile alternative, or are welcome to head earlier to the area and await the procession there.

Costumes are encouraged! Naturally, robots are welcome, but also anything else you think would fit into the day, and that N and/or N would enjoy. (If you are costume-shy, you could always come as yourself. OR you can come as a robot masquerading as yourself: easy!)

Shall we dance? There may be some informal opportunities to indulge your inner terpsichore. Details coming.


The rest of the afternoon will feature garden/outdoors activities centered in Peace Park and the Las Alas area (back in Sequoia). Most likely you‘ll want to be comfortable sitting, standing, walking, gabbing.

Note: It will be appropriate/enabled for you to don something specifically for the procession and ceremony and doff it afterwards.